Happiness – How to Be Happy on Your Present Job From This Point Forward

How many of you are not currently happy with the job that you are presently on? Do you wish that you had another job? Do you believe that if you had another job then you would be happy? What if I told you that you could be happy on your present job but first you must knock down three misconceptions that you have about your job. The three misconception about work are 1) Your job is the source of your happiness 2)The more money that you earn on your job the more valuable your job is and 3) I will be happy when I am on a different job

Misconception #1: You are Your Work
The first misconception is that you are your work which is not true because your work is not who you are your work is what you do. Many people are unhappy at work because they allow their work to determine their happiness. The only place where your happiness should come from is inside of you and it is based on how you see yourself and your perspective on life. If you are not currently happy on your present job, you may need to work on improving your self-image as well as change your perspective on life.

Misconception #2: The More Money That You Make The More Valuable Your Job
The second misconception which is “The more money that you make, the more valuable your job is” is untrue because all honest work is valuable and necessary. This misconception came as a result of Hollywood glamorizing and placing more emphasis on certain jobs while attempting to dehumanize others. When you view your position as being valuable and important to the organization, your happiness is going to come from within and you will start taking pride in what you are doing.

Misconception #3: I will be happy when I am on a different job
The third misconception is that you will wait to get on your new job before you are happy which is not true because if you do not know how to be happy within yourself right now then no matter what position you hold you will continue to be unhappy. The best way to be happy at your present position is to start being happy about who you are today.

The way that you are going to be happy on your present job is being happy with who you are. In order to be happy about who you are then you must have a positive self image about yourself, you must see yourself as being valuable and you must see the work that you do as being important and valuable to your organization.

Are Present Life Problems Linked With Past Lives? Astrological Analysis

The role of past lives in present day problems and rebirth of souls is a debatable subject in many religions. However, rebirth of souls is a fundamental belief in Hinduism. Recently, some T.V programs started coming on “Past Life Regression”. However, those programs are based on hypnotism and other methods which is a field completely separate from astrology.

Vedic astrology is related to Hindu belief and this system of astrology talks about past lives and accumulated karmas of past lives which get manifested in situations of the present life. Vedic Astrology is based on the belief of karma and in the concept of Moksha (salvation).

It is believed that a soul has to wait for the exact constellation of stars before it takes birth in this world. The type of life which a person gets depends on his “Sanchit Karma” (accumulated deeds of past lives). The uniqueness of Vedic astrology is that it takes into account the effects of accumulated deeds of the past. It is believed that the dasa system devised in Vedic astrology is the “unfolding of one’s karma in the past”. Any change in dasa can bring good or bad results depending on the karmic records of earlier lives.

Vedic Astrology also believes in “Rinanu- Bandhan” (past life debts). This means that the friend one makes, the enmity one keeps, and family which one gets depends upon past life debts. No one comes in a person’s life without any reason. People are interlinked with each other by the hidden hands of past karma. It means, if someone is coming repeatedly in life or if some issues are not getting resolved even after honest efforts, it is likely that such persons or issues are linked with the karmic records of past lives.

If one shares fortune, career, life or luck with someone, it is likely that such relationship is developing on account of past debts. It is also seen at times that bad fortune of someone becomes good fortune for the other. Such situations may remain interlinked.

Vedic astrology also talks about different “doshas” (problems) caused by curses from past-lives. These “doshas” normally cause problems in having children, nurturing relationships, career-related issues, financial issues and many other issues which may affect an individual.

The “Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra” which is one of the most respected astrological treatises gives a long list of curses of past lives which influence individuals in the present life. Normally, such curses influence the birth of a child in the family. Some of the curses have been briefly described below.

a) Curses of snakes: This indication is given in the horoscope by the placement and condition of Rahu. The effects of such placements are childlessness, fear from snakes and snake bites. This curse originates due to killing of snakes in past lives. The important house to be seen for this purpose is the fifth house.

b) Curses of father: The placement and condition of the key planet Sun in the horoscope is important to understand this curse. This may be as a result of wrongs done to father or due to the suffering of souls of forefathers. The results are childlessness, uneasy relationships with father in current life, untimely death of father and lack of happiness from father. The relevant houses to be considered are the fifth, ninth and the tenth.

c) Curses of mother: The placement and condition of the key planet Moon indicates this curse. This may be due to ill treatment of mother in past life. The results are childlessness, problems from mother, unhappiness from mother, untimely death of mother etc. Influences on the fourth house and the fifth house in the horoscope need to be analyzed to understand this.

d) Curses of brother: The planet which shows younger brother is Mars and planet which shows elder brother is Jupiter. Therefore, the placement and condition of Mars and Jupiter hold the key in interpreting this curse. The results are childlessness, difficult relationship of brother and sisters, problems from brothers and lack of cordial relations with brother etc. The relevant houses are the third, fifth and the eleventh in the horoscope.

e) Curses of maternal relations: The key planet that shows maternal relatives is Mercury. Saturn is also important. The placement of Mercury and Saturn hold the key in understanding this curse. The result of this curse can be childlessness and difficult relationship with maternal relations. The role of fifth house is important.

f) Curses of Spiritual Persons: The key planet that shows spiritual person is Jupiter. The placement and condition of Jupiter is important in understanding this curse. The effects can be childlessness, problems from teachers, unhappiness and general dissatisfaction in life etc. The condition of the ninth house and the placement of ninth lord are important.

g) Curses of wife (or women?): The key planet that shows wife is Venus. The placement and condition of Venus in the horoscope is crucial to understand this curse. The effect can be childlessness, difficulty in getting married, problems from wife or women, possibility of divorce, defamation from women etc. The most important house to be considered is the seventh house.

h) Curses of Evil spirits: The key planets which show evil spirits are Rahu and Ketu. The placement and condition of Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope is important to understand this. The effects may be childlessness, fear from unknown and fear of ghosts. The conditions of Moon, Saturn, the fifth house and the fifth lord are important considerations.

Only some selected examples of curses related to past lives have been discussed here. There are many other areas also which show the links of the past lives with the present life situations and problems. Worship, penance, charity and good deeds help us in getting rid of karmic problems arising from the karmic records of past lives.

4 Fun Present Games to Play at Holiday Parties Or With Family

One popular idea that people do during the Christmas season is to give Secret Santa gifts. You are probably familiar with the tradition from work, church, or other social gatherings. The idea is quite simple. Everyone is assigned a person or just given the task of buying a gift. It doesn’t cost much, most of the time the requirement is that it be $10 or under. This is often a way to spice a holiday party and make sure everyone leaves with something. However the way to do it is all up to the person. Here are some suggestions you can use for your own secret Santa.

My favorite is the Dirty Secret Santa. Everyone is assigned a person to give a gift to. However when everyone goes to get their gift they have to open it and let everyone see what it is. It the next person likes the gift and wants it, they can take it from the person. The best part of this game is that no one knows what they will end up with. So the process of finding out becomes the fun part of the game.

Another great idea is Musical Presents. The rules are pretty similar to musical chairs. In this case some is chosen to start the CD player and play some Christmas music. One person is chosen to pick a gift and start passing it around as the music plays. When the music stops the person who has the gift can unwrap one layer of wrapping paper. The process continues until everyone gets a present and every gift is fully unwrapped. Once again, the fun of the game is in never knowing what you get.

Another fun is holiday poker. Anyone who knows the rules of poker can play. However, instead of using chips everyone uses gifts they randomly selected from the gift pile. To be fair, make sure everyone has the same amount of presents. Other than that you follow basic poker rules. If someone wants to keep what gifts they have they can fold. In the end the person with the most presents wins and gets to keep what they one. Of course make sure everyone gets at least one present in the end to prevent hurt feelings

Another great holiday idea is match the Gift. You have everyone by a gift that needs something else to complete it. It can be like a remote control car and the batteries or remote control. It can be a pair socks or mitten. It can be different parts of a dish set. Everyone then randomly picks a gift. Then when everyone knows who has what, and then they start to bargain for to complete their gifts. The first person to complete their gift wins and gets to choose an additional gift.

A great addition to the gifts that you give the kids is a letter from Santa. It is very affordable to do especially if your order them online. Some vendors can even customize them for you. All you have to do is make sure that you include what they wanted for Christmas and what good deeds they performed in the previous year.

It’s All About How You Present the Offer

I want to get back to marketing basics with this article because we often overlook the fundamentals. When I was a freshman in high school I had a basketball coach that only coached us for 40 minutes each day (normal practice is usually 2 hours a day).

But this coach just spent a half hour or so pounding in the fundamentals. He didn’t think we needed to worry about anything else. We beat everyone that season.

On the internet, often times flash wins out. Gurus preaching their latest get rich quick strategy seem to be the focus of the day and people lose track and sight of the simple marketing basics that can make you a lot of money online!

Today I want to talk about one of those basics.

How you present your offer will determine if you make the sale or not.

In marketing, whether online of offline or anywhere else, presentation is everything.

Most people don’t think like this. They focus more on WHAT they are selling instead of HOW they are selling it. That’s a major mistake and I don’t mind saying it! You can even quote me on it if you want to!

Here’s an example.

Two women set up booths selling cookies at a church bake sale.

The two women set their booths up across from each other.

The first woman puts a sign on her table that reads:

“Chocolate Chip Cookies $1.00″

The second woman puts a sign on her table that reads:

“Chocolate Chip Cookies – Made With Clean Utensils – $2.00″

Which woman do you think sold more cookies?

Obviously both women used clean utensils, heck they probably used the same kitchen, but that doesn’t matter one bit to the person standing in front of each table.

The two women probably used the same recipe (they’re old friends) but woman two has created an implied superiority just by adding a few words to her sign and raising her price slightly.

How you present your offer makes all the difference in the world. A few simple words, added or left out, can make or break your business. Keep that in mind!

Here’s another very old example. Keep in mind that this is very old…but a soda shop guy was trying to sell milk shakes with eggs in them (the eggs make it richer and tastier!).

He would ask each customer if they wanted an egg in their milkshake. Nobody wanted one (eggs in milkshakes? Yuck!)

Then he changed his presentation. When someone bought a milkshake we would now ask “One egg or two?”